I’ve heard many, many stories about crazy horse girls, so I decided to do my own in-depth research. Here is my examination of online literature from a variety of sources of information and entertainment. Let’s get to the bottom of why there’s this stereotype in America that horse girls are nuts. We look at websites like Post Grad Problems, Total Frat Move, The Odyssey Online, and three subreddits (AskReddit, Out of the Loop, and AskMen). Hope this helps in your lessons about life. For anyone that knows horse girls or have dated Horse girls, please share your experiences in the comments πŸ˜‰


Why Equestrian Women Are Crazy

Girls Who Love Horses Are Inherently Crazy


Where did the idea begin that girls who like horses are crazy? from OutOfTheLoop

People who have dated crazy "horse girls", "sorority girls", "valley girls" and the like, what was the craziest thing they’ve ever done or the dumbest thing they’ve ever said? from AskReddit

Fellas, what’s the deal with girls who like horses seen as a red flag? from AskMen

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