Larry Bragg, former lead singer with the Tower of Power reprising a TOP song with the TOP Queens – a female copy band of TOP material from Argentina gets today’s Segue City Special started into LeAnn Rimes’ version of the Patsy Cline classic of Crazy… so who’s crazy now?

Segue City will start as a recurring short form programming element of “The Big Kahuna” – one of GET’s developmental Internet Radio formats created by Dain Schult. Then it will be developed as a full, long form programming element on its own.

The feature will be available for integration into other Classic Rock GET terrestrial stations in the future as well. It revives the art of mixing two songs together in a seamless pattern where it is tough to tell where the first song ended and the second one began.

At least that’s the idea… your mileage may vary, check with you dealer; so, you don’t forget order before midnight; operators standing by for your important call; it takes a tough man to make a tender chicken; maybe she’s born with it; member FDIC; limit one per customer; licensed drivers only; extreme penalty for early withdrawal; offer not good in Nebraska; music for adults who never grew up; void where prohibited by law; violators will be persecuted and our attorneys will seek the death penalty; what happens here, stays here; Joel Goddard started this; of all the radio stations in the world… we’re one of them…

More information about GET, Segue City and Dain Schult is available at,,