This horse has a rearing problem. Even at a walk with a lead rope his owners said he would rear up. He rears whenever being loaded into a trailer. We’ve had him in a snaffle, he rears. We’ve had him in a western port, he rears. We use tie downs, he rears. We kept working with him and didn’t give up. Tim never came off and didn’t quit. We got him to a point where he walks nicely without rearing. Patience makes perfect.
Tim Campbell is a certified Mustang TIP Trainer. Working with All Horses Trained and offering solid horse training for all breeds including green broke, and re-train horses. Tim’s main focus is teaching horses to be calm on trail. He also works with problem horses to work through their behaviors making them safer for their owners. Give us a call to see how we can help you and your horse! We are located in Southern California. Visit us at