Breed Characteristics of the Oldenburg Horse

As a general rule of thumb, it is fairly safe to say that when a horse gets bigger, it will become more difficult to handle if it is not a draft or coldblooded breed. One of the exceptions to that rule is the Oldenburg. As a breed, these horses were initially developed to be a coach horse that could take on some farm work if called upon. This required the temperament of the horse to be balanced, flexible, and accommodating, which are the key personality traits that you’ll still see in the modern Oldenburg.
1 – Why Do the Personalities of Oldenburgers Vary So Much?
2 – Loyalty is the Trademark of the Oldenburg Breed
3 – How to Get the Most Out of an Oldenburg Horse
4 – Stubbornness in the Oldenburg Breed and What It Means

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