Hello Digital marketing folks
So today I like to take the time to tell you more about my
crazy horse Google
The most important 2 things to do when taming wild crazy
horse is
1-find out what he wants
2 -and give him what he wants…
I say Why not!
As long as you can ride along that digital hi way
with your lazy ass on his back… and he is doing all the work for ya … why the hell not !! pardon my French.
if you go whipping him on the butt he’s goanna throw you off (the platform)… you got to give the hors what he wants..
now I hear you thinking…
So will give the horse a carrot and a pat on the back
Nope The question is “what does THIS horse want”
Now my horse Google has a mind of his own…
He has this obsession. In this vast wild digital landscape of information he wants to organize everything for himself
a map in his mind
So this road links to that place and that road is a “back link” to that site up on the Hill then that links back down through the valley into Town past Marylou’s house on the left where always its tidy and smells like cherry pie.

So that is what my horse google wants… creating order in all that information and making it accessible for himself.. and for other horses. Yea he is kina socal to…
tomorrow we will be getting into the next step of
Taming my horse Google.
Thanks for watching…